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First Conference for New Environment Group

03, September 2006

Letter to the Editor

Australian Environment Foundation
First Conference of the new Environment Group.
Dear Sir,
              As a Landholder & runner up in the 1999 Qld Landcare research award, I believe it is long overdue for a strong environmental voice to be heard that understands "practical" resource management. In my view, the policies and views of the major Green groups have failed us because they have allowed predominately left wing politics to dominate their environmental philosophies and any "solutions" they have are often not only impractical to implement, but many in fact end up causing environmental harm.
I would like to call on all "Practical" resource managers as well as academics and politicians that have a similar view to myself to consider meeting other like minded people at the first conference of the Australian Enviroment Foundation in Brisbane on Sept 23 & 24th.
It will be a chance to hear speakers like Professor Michael
Archer, co-author of the insightful book Going Native, marine biologist Dr Walter Starck,
 as well as AEF  Chairman Don Burke and AEF director Dr Jennifer Marohasy. 

This will also be a chance to get involved with AEF & have your say in the management of our future.
Details of the conference are at http://www.aefweb.info/display/Con_SpeakersVer2.html &
Yours Sincerely,
Leon Ashby
Bushvision President,
Runner up in the 1999 Qld Landcare research award
Centenary medal recipient for services to conservation and the environment.
AEF director.

Published in Border Watch, Mt Gambier, South Australia & The Daily Mercury, Mackay, Queensland

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