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Is it true what they say about wind farms?

10, September 2012

Only Australians get sick from wind farms

Along with Americans, Canadians, Kiwis, British, Dutch….

Communities overseas do not complain

An oft repeated claim that is belied by over 500 community groups world-wide opposed to inappropriately sited wind farms.

Funny how we don’t hear of turbine hosts getting sick

Most times you won’t either because they are bound by legally binding gag clauses preventing them speaking out, but some have anyway.  Gag clauses are denied by wind farm supporters, but confirmed here by Slater & Gordon solicitors.

But not everybody thinks wind farms make some people sick

Professor of Public Health, Simon Chapman says it is all in the mind.  As a ‘researcher’ without medical qualifications maybe he knows something the dozens of families who have abandoned [not sold] their homes do not, but then again maybe he does not, as he has not spoken to the families nor offered any evidence to support his stance.

Wind power must be cheap, the wind is free

Not according to wind farm operator Grant King from Origin Energy

Wind farms do not affect property values

Unless your property happens to be near a wind farm


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