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2012 Annual Conference a ripper!

23, October 2012

Members and speakers from every state and territory except the Northern Territory gathered at Rydges World Square Hotel in the centre of Sydney on Saturday October 20th for the start of the AEF Annual Conference.

Lively and informative presentations began with former diplomat and international trade adviser, Alan Oxley who spoke on greens and sustainable development. 

Dr David Evans a carbon modeller formerly of the Australian Greenhouse Office took the audience through the many fallacies of the current climate alarmism using detailed publically available data that does not support the climate model outcomes.

Dick Warburton AO, former Reserve Bank board member and a director of major Australian companies highlighted the dangers to the Australian economy of taxing Australian businesses on their energy use at a far higher rate than other economies.

Professor Bob Carter gave an insightful and humorous presentation which depicted the rather ridiculous and confusing array of measures we are undertaking to ‘stop’ climate change and the spin employed to convince us how necessary this is.

Acoustical engineer Steven Cooper addressed the question: Are wind farms too close to communities?  Steven spoke to a large amount of data he had collected to undertake a peer-review of a noise impact assessment for a proposed NSW wind farm.  His data and conclusions undermined any notion that communities are protected by current legislation from the noise impacts of wind farms.

Associate Professor Stewart Franks from the University of Newcastle addressed the issue of water security and climate.  Stewart’s presentation clearly linked the rainfall variability in eastern Australia with the El Nino and La Nina weather patterns rather than the often touted climate change connection so eagerly reported.

Marine biologist Dr Walter Starck addressed the question: Are fisheries or science in decline?  Walter’s detailed examination of publicly available data contradicts the widely held view that management of Australian fisheries are evidence-based.

The last speaker for the day program was Dr David Stockwell who examined the question: Is the temperature or the temperature record rising?  David’s presentation highlighted that recent audits of surface temperature networks have found that official, homogenized networks show more warming than the raw temperature data.

Following the end of the day program just after 3pm, all attendees piled onto the bus for the short trip to Campbell’s Cove, next to Circular Quay to board the tall ship the Southern Swan.  An enjoyable hour and a half was spent sailing around the harbour in perfect weather enjoying the sights and taking plenty of photos from a very different vantage point.

Back at the conference venue, 7pm saw pre-dinner cocktails being served before being seated for the conference dinner and a talk by Professor Jeff Bennett about his latest book, Little Green Lies, which is an examination of a number of popular myths about environmental issues. 

Jeff highlighted issues from several chapters in his book and showed how these myths had become accepted conventional wisdom without critical examination supported by facts or evidence.  As with all other presentations during the day a lively question time followed.

The Sunday breakfast was addressed by adjunct professor Bill Gammage from ANU who spoke on his award winning book The Biggest Estate on Earth.  Bill recounted the close relationship aboriginals had with their country and their obligation to manage country for multiple outcomes, most often using fire to achieve this.

The Foundation’s Annual General Meeting followed with several conference attendees joining the AEF and contributing to the spirited discussion in the Open Forum following the AGM.

As the conference closed shortly before lunch and goodbyes were said to fellow members from other states, it was agreed a great time was had by all at a jam-packed event. 

The Foundation acknowledges and appreciates all speakers generosity with their time in making themselves available throughout the conference to members.

AEF member Professor Bob Carter addressing the 2012 Conference

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