Top 3 Asian Dice Games You Can Learn Today

If you are a westerner, playing Asian dice games may feel quite different. The thing about Asian dice games is that they vary in nature. There are some popular ones, but the kind of Asian dice games you can experience is almost limitless.

You can go to different regions in Asia and encounter different Asian dice games that share no similarities.

Although perplexing to think at first, when you consider the truth that Asians are hardly similar, you will understand that these games ultimately reflect the cultural differences of these populations despite having the same given title.

If you have any interest in trying out any of these interesting games, be sure to continue reading to discover a world that you may not be used to. These games will be enriching, enlightening, and sometimes confusing.

A pleasant journey to Neko


This is the first on this list that represents the idea of a game without a single structure. In this game, there are mini-games involved that turn the experience into something more dynamic. Just as the name of the game implies, this is not a game that can be easy to catch.

However, once you understand the basics, you can easily follow the rules and concepts of the game. In summary, there are about more than five gameplay mechanics that you can encounter in the game.

There is a resource management system, a logistics process, and a bidding stage. The number one tool that connects all of these is the three dice that you have to roll.

Liar’s Dice


This particular Asian dice game is typically played every Chinese New Year. Considering this notion, it is not surprising to see drinking buddies playing this game while having fun. To enjoy this game, there should be at least two players competing. The more players in the game, the more fun it would be.

Speaking of the rules, the game provides a value to each number that is indicated on the dice. Each player also receives a cup which is referred to as the pool. To win this game, one has to acquire the best points.

One and Six


This is a Chinese dice game that can be played as an alternative to Liar’s  Dice. Unlike the first one, this game can be enjoyed by two players minimum. Just like Liar’s Game, this game is also played as a means to socialize and have fun with colleagues which is why this is often conducted while drinking.

Asian dice games provide a new kind of gameplay to amateur players. Try these now if you want to experience something different.

If you want to find out more about dice games, try reading about its similarities with the process of developing nuclear energy. You may also discover upcoming conferences that will cover new updates on your favorite Asian dice games.

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