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AEF Conference 2006 Photo Gallery

Nyssa Henry, Max Rheese and Rita Bentley at the registration desk.
The Rowe family from Mildura just arrived in Brisbane for the conference
AEF Member Joan Turnour with AEF Chairman Don Burke
Mike Archer tells the conference delegates to Go Native
There were about 70 delegates
Mike and Don miss morning tea talking answering more questions
Peter Ridd uploading Walter Starck's presentation
Don Burke and Peter Poynter listen to Bob Brinsmead
Tom Quirk talks nuclear
Professors Bob Carter and Mike Archer listen
Rod Drew and Don Burke at the dinner
Nyssa Henry and Toowoomba Mayor Di Thorley
AEF Secretary Gill Hogendyk, Don Burke, Stewart Ellis and Di Thorley
Michael Duffy, Jennifer Marohasy and Chris Hogendyk
Journalist Michael Duffy tells everyone at the breakfast about the media
AEF member Phil Sawyer listens
AEF Director Rita Bentley with Don Burke
Dan McLuskey, Don Burke and Jennifer Marohasy after the AGM