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Articles, Media Releases and Conference Presentations by Topic


Jennifer MarohasyWhy Australia Needs the Australian Environment Foundation    2007 Conference
Michael Duffy, - Rational Environmentalism: An Idea Whose Time Has Come    2007 Conference
Integrity in the public debate - whose view? - 03, January 2007
Published in On Line Opinion
First Conference for New Environment Group - 03, September 2006
Published in Border Watch, Mt Gambier, South Australia & The Daily Mercury, Mackay, Queensland
Not easy being green but we'll prosper - 26, August 2006
Published in Herald-Sun
Green group wants practical policies - 17, August 2006
Published in The Land
Saddle Change and Join Us for a New Environmental Ride - 27, September 2006 (media release)
AEF To Recognise Environmental Champions - 14, August 2006 (media release)
First AEF Conference & AGM: Now in Brisbane in September - 02, April 2006 (media release)
First AGM & Conference for New Environment Group: Rydges Southbank, Brisbane, 13-14 May 2006 - 20, November 2005 (media release)
Don Burke Joins New Environment Movement - 24, July 2005 (media release)
AEF Secretary is also Vet involved in Animal Rescue - 08, June 2005 (media release)
Battle of the Bushes - 08, June 2005 (media release)
AEF to ACF – there’s room for more than one environmental group - 06, June 2005 (media release)
Tim Petrie Dedicates Tall Tree at AEF Launch - 05, June 2005 (media release)
World Environment Day Launches New Environment Group in Tenterfield - 02, June 2005 (media release)

Bell Bay Pulp Mill

Calton Frame, Resource Manager Gunns Ltd – The environmental assessment process of the proposed pulp mill at Bell Bay    2007 Conference
Pulp Mill Should Go Ahead Says Conference - 12, September 2007 (media release)
Barry Chipman Pulp Politics  ABC Unleashed 7 January 2009


Max Rheese, Burning Victoria, Online Opinion, 18 January 2007
Max Rheese, Lessons not yet learned: a bushfire tragedy, Online Opinion, 16 February 2009
Roger Underwood, Australian Bushfire Management: a case study in wisdom versus folly, March 2009


Bob Carter, What does the Temperature Record show? January 3 2010

Walter Starck, When are we going to wake up? Quadrant, 23 November 2009
Peter Ridd, How blue is your reef? The Australian 19 December 2009

Bob Carter,  Science and social context of climate change YouTube Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

North Queensland Register, The Great Barrier Reef is in excellent shape, 7 June 2009
William Kininmonth, Climate change from a meteorological perspective and Powerpoint Presentation  2008 Conference
Jennifer Marohasy, Case of the warm and fuzzy - 25, August 2008
Published in The Australian August 23, 2008
Are environmentalists on the road to Damascus? - 29, May 2008
Published in On Line Opinion 2 April 2008
Dr Chris de Freitas – Perspectives on Climate Warming Science   2007 Conference
Professor Bob Carter – The Myth of Dangerous Human-Caused Climate Change   2007 Conference
Global warming zealots are stifling scientific debate - 22, July 2007
Published in The Age
The Great Great Barrier Reef Swindle - 22, July 2007
Published in On Line Opinion
Climate recantation: IPCC models don't predict and are unscientific - 07, July 2007
Published in Courier Mail June 28 2007
High price for load of hot air - climate change hysteria is costing us billions - 07, July 2007
Published in Courier Mail June 18 2007


Butterflies and Biodiversity Efforts Awarded - 17, November 2006 (media release)


AEF member Ian Hayllor presented at the 2010 AEF Conference on Coal Seam Gas


Max Rheese,  Environmentalists have crossed the Rubicon, On Line Opinion 18 December 2009
"Mine Your Own Business" A Documentary about the Dark Side of Environmentalism


Reefgate on the Barrier Reef, March 29 2010, Dr Walter Starck

Dr Walter Starck, Marine Biologist - Marine Resources and The Growing Cost of Precaution    2007 Conference
Contaminated Fish Scare Highlights Mismanagement - 06, August 2007 (media release)
Shifting the Environmental Impact of Fishing Somewhere Else - 29, August 2006 (media release)

Food and Agriculture

Former Commonwealth Chief Scientist, Dr Jim Peacock on GM technology October 14 2010

Craig Cormick, Manager of Public Awareness, Biotechnology Australia, argues on ABC radio that there is increasing support for GM foods.
Feeding the world - 23, June 2008, Published in On Line Opinion 20 June 2008
Professor Rick Roush, Dean of the Faculty of Land & Food Resources at Melbourne University – GM crops: Reducing Risks to People and the Environment   2007 Conference
GM: debate the science not the values - 04, June 2007
Published in On Line Opinion
A presentation by Dr. Jennifer Marohasy at a Forum on GM at the Victorian Parliament May 22nd 2007
GM Canola or Nothing Soon - 26, April 2007
Published in The Land
Plant GM Crops in Burkes Backyard - 07, March 2007 (media release)
Worry about What You Can Change: Get the Bans on GM Lifted - 05, October 2006 (media release)


"Keeping hands off our lands." Greg Roberts, The Australian August 09, 2008
Saving Australia’s Forests - and its implications. A book by Mark Poynter
Gary Featherston, President of the Institute of Foresters Aust [Vic] – Forest management and the impact on water management    2007 Conference
Saving Australia’s Forests: Presentation and Panel Discussion with Professor Peter Kanowski Head of School Resources, Environment & Society, ANU & Jill Lewis, (Slideshow) Executive Director, Timber Communities Australia & Mark Poynter, (Slideshow) Media Liaison Officer, Institute of Foresters (Vic)    2007 Conference
Fired-up forests have more impact than the loggers - 23, November 2006
Published in The Age

Great Barrier Reef

Scientists crying wolf over coral, The Australian December 19 2009, Professor Peter Ridd

Reef still pristine despite concerns says scientist, North Queensland Register June 7 2009, Professor Peter Ridd

Macquarie Marshes

The Macquarie Marshes: an ecological history. A report by Gillian Hogendyk
Change Marsh Management for Better Use of Water - 26, September 2007 (media release)
Chris Hogendyk – Where to now for the Macquarie Marshes?   2008 Conference

Nuclear Power

Tom Quirk, Physicist Uranium Birth to Death 2006 Conference
New Voice Considers All Energy Options - 30, October 2006 (media release)

Red River Gums

Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance
Max Rheese & Mark Poynter – Saving the River Red Gum forests from ‘protection’ – A community campaign  2008 Conference
Fighting for Red River Gums - 26, November 2007
Published in The Land 8 November 2007
Red Gum Lock-up is not the Solution - 02, November 2007
Published in The Age on 15 October 2007.
Barrie Dexter - Red River Gum Forests Draft Proposals   2007 Conference
Taskforce Investigates VEAC Red Gum Proposals on Water - 11, September 2007 (media release)
Hijacked by hyperbole in environment debate
More National Parks not the Answer
Mark Poynter - As red gum forests turn green - The Age 2 January 2008


AEF member Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Barrages a bar to Basin at best October 31st 2010

Dr Terry Dwyer, Visiting Fellow Crawford School of Economics & Governance, ANU – Water, valuing urban & natural environments  2008 Conference
Government Finally Acts on Environmental Water - 06, March 2008 (media release)
George Warne, CEO Murray Irrigation – Irrigation farmers place in the environment   2007 Conference

Gary Featherston, President of the Institute of Foresters Aust [Vic] – Forest management and the impact on water management    2007 Conference
Support Recycling to Secure Water Future - 11, December 2006 (media release)
No More Excuses - 09, August 2006
Published in The Courier Mail
Water Vote Critical for Australia Says Don Burke - 20, July 2006 (media release)


Do-gooders hop on kangaroo cull bandwagon, March 20 2010, Barry Cohen former Labor Environment Minister and AEF chairman

Facts Catch the Loudmouths on the Hop - 28, October 2005
Published in The Sydney Morning Herald
Award Winning Wildlife Conservation - 06, October 2006 (media release)

Wind Power

Andrew Miskelly and Tom Quirk Wind Farming in South East Australia Energy & Environment · Vol. 20, No. 8, 2009/Vol. 21, No. 1, 2010
Wind review needed Quadrant Online October 19th 2010
Wind policy failures  Quadrant Online March 24th 2011
Mark Lawson Going green costs jobs Quadrant Online March 22nd 2011
Kathy Russell  The Great Renewable Energy Rort  Quadrant July 2010

Woody Weeds

Fight for better clearing laws in war on woody weeds (FarmOnline) 5 September 2007
Green hypocrisy and environmental vandalism - 15, March 2007
Published in On Line Opinion
An alternative perspective on land clearing - 14, December 2006
Published in On Line Opinion
Green Group Welcomes Support on Woody Weeds Debacle - 21, February 2007 (media release)
Hijacked by hyperbole in environment debate