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World Environment Day Launches New Environment Group in Tenterfield

02, June 2005

On World Environment Day, Sunday 5th June, the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) will be officially launched at 10.30am at the historic School of Arts Complex in Tenterfield (opposite the Post Office).   Tenterfield Shire Mayor, Keith Pickstone, will officiate and introduce AEF spokesperson Kersten Gentle. 

The Australian Environment Foundation is a not-for-profit, membership-based environmental organization, having no political affiliation.

The great majority of Australians believe themselves to be environmentalists but have little or no say in the environmental policies being put to governments.  These policies are almost exclusively the domain of a tight network of conservation groups ensuring one view, and one view only, is put forward.

The AEF is a different kind of environment group, caring for both Australia & Australians. 

Tenterfield is a fitting backdrop for the launch of this Foundation, being known as the ‘Birthplace of Our Nation’ – The Tenterfield School of Arts is the site where Sir Henry Parkes presented his vision of a united Australia in his famous Federation Speech which led to the federation of all Australian states into the Commonwealth of Australia.

Likewise the Australian Environment Foundation have a vision of Australians united in caring for the Australian environment working from the basis of evidence, always being solution focussed, and always valuing honest debate and discussion. 

Many of the organisations foundation members are practical environmentalists – people who actively use and care for the environment.

Light refreshments will be available after the launch in the Sir Henry Parkes Museum & Banquet Room.

For more information please contact AEF Spokesperson Kersten Gentle on Mob. 0418 33 1465 or AEF Events Coordinator Bronwyn Petrie on Mob. 0402 33 0613.

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