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AEF to ACF – there’s room for more than one environmental group

06, June 2005

Fledgling conservation group the Australian Environmental Foundation, which launched http://www.aefweb.info/media771.html yesterday, received an early “christening present” from the establishment Australian Conservation Foundation in the form of a solicitor’s letter trying to prevent the launch.

AEF spokesperson Kersten Gentle said that the AEF is a grassroots environmental organisation which stresses an evidence-based approach to the environment and wants to ensure that scarce resources are directed to areas of most need.

“There is precious little money available for the environment as it is. We shouldn’t be wasting what is available lining the pockets of intellectual property lawyers.”

Ms Gentle said that the ACF was alleging a Trademark Infringement on the basis of the name of the new organisation and its emblem.

“Apparently the ACF believe that they are the only ones entitled to use the words Australian and Foundation and anyone else using them is trying to “pass themselves off” as the ACF.

“That is absurd. The AEF has nothing to gain by being associated with the ACF, and the ACF has everything to gain by having another environment group in the field – one plus one can equal three.”

Ms Gentle said that there was very little similarity between the ACF logo and their own.

“The AEF logo is a tall rangy gum tree framed by the Southern Cross – a sight familiar to Australians the continent-over, and emblematic of the spirited approach we intend to take to environment issues.

“It is nothing like the up-tight cluster of three-stylised gum leaves that is the ACF logo.”

Ms Gentle said that the AEF legal advice was that they had nothing to be concerned about.

“This appears to be nothing more than a heavy-handed ambit claim by the ACF.”

For further information contact Kersten Gentle 0418 33 1465


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