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AEF Secretary is also Vet involved in Animal Rescue

08, June 2005

Gillian Hogendyk, the Secretary and Treasurer for the newly formed Australian Environment Foundation (AEF), is a Vet who lives on a property in central western New South Wales near Warren. 

Gillian is also the mother of two young children and President of the local School Council.  In her spare time she is a keen birdwatcher.

Gillian’s honours degree in Veterinary Science comes in very useful with her voluntary work with the Wildlife Information and Rescue Service (WIRES).  Gillian specialises in raptors (birds of prey). 

The picture of Gillian at the AEF website (http://www.aefweb.info/staff.php?id=17 ) shows her attending one of her patients, a Collared Sparrowhawk.  

Gillian would love to see environmentalism in Australia take a more positive, solutions-focused direction. 
“The AEF is just what we need right now,” said Gillian. 

Gillian is particularly concerned about how children are educated on environmental issues.  

“Undeniably we face some enormous environmental challenges - ones which we can only begin to solve.  Our children will need to continue to address environmental issues. Creative problem solving thrives in an atmosphere of balanced, informed debate and this is what the AEF is all about,” said Gillian.

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