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Battle of the Bushes

08, June 2005

Fledgling environmental group, Australian Environmental Foundation, has taken their battle with the ACF over their logo of a gum tree and the Southern Cross to the people by posting a poll on their website at http://aefweb.info/.

AEF spokesperson Kersten Gentle said that the AEF were so confident their logo was substantially different that they were prepared to put it to the vote.

“When I see the two logos side-by-side, as you can on our questionnaire, I think even a blind worm could tell the difference. But that’s only my opinion. As an evidence-based environment group, we’re prepared to put it to the test.

The questionnaire says:

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is alleging a Trademark Infringement by new environment group the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) on the basis of the name of the new organisation and its emblem.

Then asks:

1. Looking at the ACF and AEF logos reproduced above, how similar would you say they are?

The possible answers are:

1. Extremely similar  (Would you like me to post bail. You’re going to jail.)

2. Somewhat similar  (Are they both trees?)

3. Neither similar nor dissimilar  (Stop wasting my time, I’m too busy saving the environment)

4. Somewhat different  (Similar? Have you been smoking some of those leaves?)

5. Extremely different  (Even a blind worm could tell the difference?)

6. No opinion  (What’s with the cotton bud and the three-leaf clover?)


Update 15th June

Poll results are now available at www.aefweb.info/display/ACF_Poll.html .


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