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Shifting the Environmental Impact of Fishing Somewhere Else

29, August 2006

"Australia has the third largest fishery zone of any nation. It also has the most over-managed, heavily restricted and least productive fishery sector in the world," according to marine biologist Dr Walter Starck.

"The total Australian wild caught fishery harvest is less than half that of New Zealand and less than a tenth that of Thailand which has a fisheries zone only 5 percent the size of Australia's.

"Seventy percent of the seafood we consume is imported, all of it from regions far more heavily fished than our own."

Dr Walter Starck will be in Brisbane on 23rd September to speak at the inaugural Australian Environment Foundation conference.

Dr. Starck is a marine biologist based in Townsville, with fifty years experience on the coral reefs of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans.

For more information on the conference and to interview Dr Starck, contact Max Rheese mobile 0428 621320.


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