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Saddle Change and Join Us for a New Environmental Ride

27, September 2006

“It’s time to put a saddle on our rapidly changing world and ride it hard for the best outcomes for the environment and also for people”, said Don Burke chair of the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) at the groups inaugural conference held in Brisbane on the 23rd and 24th of September 2006.

With the theme, “Caring for the Environment in a Changing World”, keynote speaker Professor Mike Archer of the University of New South Wales spoke about a new approach to conservation through sustainable use of wildlife.  Other speakers also emphasised the importance of accurate information, economics and valuing people.

Don Burke explained, “Whilst the conference covered a diverse range of environmental issues surrounding land, water, energy, fishing, farming and forestry, a common thread involved rethinking our place as a vital part of the environment.

“The battle to save the world will be won by co-operation and collaboration, not by protests or the worrying scare tactics used by an obsolete conservation movement to befuddle the public,

“We need to better understand our part in the environment and bring an open minded public along with us, to make sense of the science, promote reason over emotion and remove the irrationality in dealing with environmental issues”, he said. 

The winners of three awards were also announced at the AEF Inaugural Conference recognising those who have done the most to advance the realisation of the Foundation’s values.  Michael Thomson of the Rural Press Group won for efforts towards the public understanding of an environmental issue or solution to an environmental problem.  John Caven won in the field of environmental management in agriculture, for wildlife conservation; and North-West Resource Management Team at Gunns Ltd won for environmental management in forestry.

Don Burke concluded by welcoming others to join the AEF, “Environmentalists, scientists, farmers, miners, foresters, fishermen and the public have joined the Australian Environment Foundation to collaboratively address environmental issues rationally, using accurate data and research information with due consideration to economic aspects and human issues in order to create a truly sustainable future for our planet.  Care to join us?"

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