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Worry about What You Can Change: Get the Bans on GM Lifted

05, October 2006

Dr Jennifer Marohasy will speak at a NSW Farmer Forum tonight in Forbes, NSW, on global warming and the drought.    

Dr Marohasy will suggest that the rainfall record for the Murray Darling Basin shows that there have been periods of as low rainfall in the past, and that it is drawing a very long bow to suggest the current drought is a consequence of global warming. 

Dr Marohasy is a senior fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs and a Director of new environment group the Australian Environment Foundation.

According to Dr Marohasy, “Inflows to major river systems have been exceptionally low and this may be a consequence of how we are managing our landscape including more on-farm water storages, improved on-farm water use efficiencies, increased water consumption by native forests as they recover from bushfires, and more afforestation.”

Dr Marohasy will suggest if there is one thing you can be sure about on planet earth; it is that climate will change.  If the trend is not one of warming, it will be cooling.

Rather than lamenting Al Gore’s new movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, Dr Marohasy will be suggesting to farmers along the Lachlan River that they focus on getting the bans on GM food crops lifted.

Dr Marohasy will suggest that, “Biotechnology gives us the potential to grow crops that require less water for the same or a higher yield.  But every Australian state has banned GM food crops except Queensland. 

“I would be tossing away the ‘stop climate change’ banners and asking for a lifting of the bans on biotechnology,” says Dr Marohasy.   

“The whole world may be affected by global warming, but Australia is one of the few nations outside of Europe with self imposed bans on new GM food crops.”

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