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Award Winning Wildlife Conservation

06, October 2006

Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) Chairman, Don Burke this week presented Mr John Caven of Field and Game Australia, with a National Agricultural and Environmental Management Award for his contribution to wildlife conservation, particularly the installation and monitoring of nesting boxes for native birds in wetlands and wildlife corridors.

Field and Game Australia (FGA) was established in 1958 by a number of hunters concerned about the loss of habitat and species of birds they loved to observe and hunt.  It is a leading volunteer organisation in wetland conservation.  John Caven is the Honorary Conservation Officer and Secretary of FGA’s Metropolitan Melbourne Branch.

The fringes of metropolitan Melbourne, such as the Morang and Tanunda wetlands have been host to the nesting boxes built, installed and monitored by John Caven’s teams of volunteers.

“This award recognises John Caven’s contributions to wildlife and wetland habitat and to his involvement in the development of practical game conservation management in Victoria, said Don Burke.

“Importantly, we also applaud the opportunity provided by John Caven for groups of disabled people to contribute to the wildlife conservation projects”, he said.

The AEF Award is one of three National Awards that recognise those who have done the most to advance the realisation of the Foundation’s values.   AEF members value:

1. Evidence - policies are set and decisions are made on the basis of facts, evidence and scientific analysis. 
2. Choice - issues are prioritised on the basis of accurate risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis. 
3. Technology - appropriate and innovative technological solutions are implemented. 
4. Management - active management is used when necessary, acknowledging that landscapes and ecosystems are dynamic.
5. Diversity - biological diversity is maintained.
6. People – the needs and aspirations of people should receive due consideration.  

Other AEF National Award winners, announced at the recent AEF conference held in Brisbane, were Michael Thomson of the Rural Press Group, for his efforts towards the public understanding of an environmental issue or solution to an environmental problem; and the North-West Resource Management Team at Gunns Ltd, for environmental management in forestry.

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