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Support Recycling to Secure Water Future

11, December 2006

Don Burke, Chairman of the Australian Environment Foundation, commended the leader of the Queensland Liberal Party, Bruce Flegg, for launching a water options website at www.wateroptions.net.

“If you have internet access and want to find out about water recycling, and specifically water in south east Queensland, it’s a good place to start,” said Don Burke.

Don Burke also commended Queensland Premier Peter Beattie for potentially moving one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, south east Queensland, a step closer to using recycled water.

The Premier recently announced that on the 17th March 2007, south east Queensland residents will vote on the permanent introduction of recycled water into existing water supplies.

Don Burke urged all Brisbane residents to vote ‘Yes’ in the upcoming referendum on recycling water.

“A ‘Yes’ vote would help secure Brisbane's water future, he explained.

The Australian Water Association has said that if Brisbane recycled its water there would be 40 percent more water in the system.

 “Other major cities have so far failed to address the issues of water recycling, and I was disappointed that the Toowoomba referendum failed as this could limit future growth options."

“I genuinely hope that the ‘Yes’ vote gets up,” concluded Don Burke.

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