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Plant GM Crops in Burkes Backyard

07, March 2007

Don Burke, chair of the Australian Environment Foundation today welcomed the comments made by Senator Bill Heffernan calling for a rethink on access to GM crops that can deliver immediate benefits to our drought stricken environment.

“Senator Heffernan supports what the AEF has been saying for some time – GM crops are good for the environment.

“Research on GM cotton crops grown in Australia and other crops overseas show that GM crops produce higher yields with less chemical pesticide use than conventional crops.

“Senator Heffernan backs up what Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran and former Deputy PM, John Anderson have said recently, that the status of Australian farmers as major food producers will fall further behind while GM crops are being denied to them.

“AEF has backed Australian farmer’s efforts to have various state government moratoria on GM crops lifted when reviewed in 2008.

“Claims that GM crops are somehow not safe or good for the environment are nonsense” said Mr Burke.

Clearly the evidence in a number of studies shows that GM crops leave a smaller ecological footprint on the landscape than conventional crops.

A study by PG Economics from the UK, released in January, shows a huge reduction in pesticide use through the use of GM crops.

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