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Taskforce Investigates VEAC Red Gum Proposals on Water

11, September 2007

September 10th 2007

“Proposals for 4000GL ‘overbank’ floods of the Murray River by the Victorian Environment Assessment Council beggar belief” said the chairman of the Australian Environment Foundation, Don Burke.

Mr Burke’s comments came at the conclusion of the foundation’s annual conference in Melbourne where a taskforce of scientists experienced in water, forestry and land management issues was appointed to investigate the VEAC recommendations.

“These draft proposals make recommendations that will see many Murray River communities under floodwaters if they were adopted by the Victorian government”, he said. 

The Australian Environment Foundation will investigate the scientific robustness of these recommendations that underpin widespread and radical changes to land and water use along the Murray River.

Mr Burke commented that “Proposals such as these must address the needs of the people as well as the environment to be effective.

“The Australian Environment Foundation is focused on ensuring outcomes for the environment based on science and evidence.  It is evident that obtaining 500GL for the Living Murray proposals for environmental flows have not eventuated as planned so we have real concerns about recommendations for either 2000GL or 4000GL to underpin these current proposals” concluded Mr Burke.
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Media Contact: Max Rheese 0428 621320

The AEF water taskforce will make submissions to VEAC and other key stakeholders to ensure a better outcome for people and the environment impacted by the Murray River.  More information is available from Max Rheese.

The Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) is a not-for-profit, membership-based environment organisation having no political affiliation.  The AEF is a different kind of environment group, caring for both Australia & Australians.  Many of our members are practical environmentalists – people who actively use and also care for the environment.  We accept that environmental protection and sustainable resource use are generally compatible. For more information about the AEF visit www.aefweb.info

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