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Pulp Mill Should Go Ahead Says Conference

12, September 2007

September 11th 2007

“The proposed pulp mill at Bell Bay in Tasmania should go ahead if it meets environmental guidelines” said Don Burke, chairman of the Australian Environment Foundation [AEF].

Mr Burke was commenting after discussion at the AEF annual conference in Melbourne on the proposed pulp mill.  

“This is best practice pulp production.  We believe that it is essential to support best practice industries.  Encouraging improvements in environmental behaviour of companies is the best way forward. 

To refuse the mill a permit and continue to export wood chips to mills overseas that are not up to the standard of the Bell Bay mill is to show a breathtaking disregard for the environment” said Mr Burke.

“We have looked at Gunn’s operations in Tasmania, we have looked at the data and we have listened to the needs of the Tasmanian people.  Based on the available science AEF supports this project as an example of best practice sustainable forestry.

Decisions on the environment must be based on science and evidence – not emotion – if we are to achieve the best possible result for the environment and the people that are part of that” concluded Mr Burke.

The AEF conference was addressed by Gunns Ltd Resource Manager, Calton Frame prior to discussion on the proposed mill.

Media Contact: Max Rheese 0428 621320

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