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Fielding Declares He is a Climate Realist

05, June 2009

In an interview at a climate science conference in Washington this week, independent Senator Steve Fielding declared that he now held the view of climate realists that question man’s involvement in global warming.

“We've all bought this idea that man is the problem with carbon emission and therefore man has to change what they do with carbon emissions. That's where we're at the moment. But there are some questions now being asked: is man the problem? And if not, then what are we doing”? said Senator Fielding.

“Here is a prime example of the danger that Australia is facing in this headlong rush to pass emissions trading legislation”, said Alex Stuart from the Australian Environment Foundation.  “Many people including senators have not looked at the issue critically”.

“Senator Fielding has taken a self-funded trip to this conference in Washington to avail himself of the facts and now has real concerns about the conclusions underpinning the emissions trading legislation” said Mr Stuart.

“He has made the point that there has never really been a debate in Australia on this issue, that he, along with many other Australians has only heard one side of the story.  I support Senator Fielding for having courage of his convictions to investigate this matter and speak out”.

The Australian Environment Foundation has been running an on-line campaign against the introduction of the emissions trading scheme and has collected over two thousand signatures and encouraged people to send senators an e-postcard from their campaign website at www.listentous.org.au 

“The foundation is of the firm view that there is no evidence to support a significant link between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.  This is self evident as CO2 emissions have continued rising unabated over the last eight years while global average temperature has in fact fallen in that time”.

“Taxing carbon emissions will cost jobs and undermine important industries, yet have no effect on global climate. Meanwhile it shifts the focus from important environmental issues, such as the Murray Darling Basin”.

“We will be working hard to convince other senators to look at the evidence before they vote” concluded Mr Stuart.

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Listen To Us campaign website can be found at www.listentous.org.au

Media Contact: Max Rheese 0428 621320   Alex Stuart 0448 807 178

For more information about the AEF, visit www.aefweb.info

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