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Dump Emissions Trading Scheme Now

09, February 2010

“The declining credibility of the UN’s science on climate should send a signal to the Rudd government that it’s time to fundamentally reconsider its approach to climate policy” said Alex Stuart, chairman of the Australian Environment Foundation.

 “This week, the government will re-introduce its misnamed, over-complex and deeply-flawed emissions trading scheme into parliament.  Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong should realise that it is already dead on arrival and they should simply dump it.  The notion of suffering huge economic costs, including the decimation of some industries, to solve a problem that is yet to be proven, simply makes no sense and never did.”

Stuart’s comments came in the context of a growing scandal surrounding the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that is undermining not only the credibility of the organisation, but also its narrative about man-made global warming. 

Hard on the heels of the Climategate scandal in November at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, which called into question the credibility of the temperature record on which the UN body relies; and the slow-motion fiasco of the Copenhagen conference in December, come yet more climate problems for the UN. 

An unending series of scandals of propaganda masquerading as “peer-reviewed science” in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report of 2007 have now been exposed.  First came Glaciergate, in which the threat to Himalayan glaciers was grossly exaggerated. Then came Disastergate, which misrepresented extreme weather events as caused by man-made CO2.  Next, came Amazongate, where an imaginary threat to the South American rainforest from CO2 has been exaggerated by deceptive substitution of facts.  Now Poldergate, which revealed that IPCC wildly overstated the area of Netherlands below sea level, has been followed by Polarbeargate, Africanfarmgate and - most damaging of all – UHIgate, which revealed apparent fraud in the foundations of all IPCC temperature reporting. 

These scandals of science are rapidly eroding the authority of the UN’s IPCC, and its chairman, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, is under mounting pressure to resign or be fired.

Stuart concluded that, instead of dwelling on remote and perhaps imaginary possibilities of catastrophe, the Rudd government should focus on real threats to Australia from weather events of today, like drought, floods, cyclones and bushfires.  That would constitute a real policy on climate, one that delivers real benefits to the living of today, rather than incurring vast costs now to provide imaginary benefits to future generations.

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AEF Chairman, Alex Stuart 0448 807178
AEF Executive Director: Max Rheese 0428 621320

The Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) is a not-for-profit, membership-based environment organisation having no political affiliation.  The AEF is a different kind of environment group, caring for both Australia & Australians.  Many of our members are practical environmentalists – people who actively use and also care for the environment.  We accept that environmental protection and sustainable resource use are generally compatible. For more information about the AEF visit www.aefweb.info

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