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Climate Minister briefed with unsubstantiated assumptions

31, October 2010


“Not all Australians believe in catastrophic climate change, and most Australians would like to believe their Minister responsible for Climate Change was given factual briefings by balanced scientists within his department” said Alex Stuart, chairman of the Australian Environment Foundation.

“The ‘red book’ briefing on climate change prepared by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency for incoming minister Greg Combet, obtained by a newspaper under Freedom of Information law, is a mountain of misinformed speculation built on beliefs and faith” said Mr Stuart.

Stuart continued, “As guidance intended for an incoming minister, this ‘red book’ briefing fails completely.  It’s apparently based on unsubstantiated assumptions, borrowed from discredited IPCC reports, not observational evidence based on research outcomes.   The briefing is absurdly alarmist, when it should be careful and considered. 

“The briefing apparently takes as fact issues such as catastrophic sea level rises, which are based only on scenarios, and proposes actions based on suppositions that have no proven basis.

Stuart’s comments came in the context of a mounting storm of protest over rising prices for electricity triggered by unworkable ‘green’ programs, which are now seen to be intolerably expensive. Rising community anxiety coincides with mounting concerns over alarmist bias within the minister’s department and the government’s uncritical reliance on IPCC reports. 

“It’s time for state and federal governments to re-think their entire list of climate-related policies, to make sure they’re based on what is actually known.  It’s time this country’s climate policies were based on facts and evidence, not beliefs and faith” said Mr Stuart.

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AEF Chairman:  Alex Stuart 0448-807-178
AEF Executive Director:  Max Rheese 0428-621-320

The Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) is a not-for-profit, membership-based environment organisation with no political affiliation.  It is a different kind of environment group, caring for both Australia & Australians, on the basis of facts and evidence.  Many of our members are practical environmentalists – people who actively use and also care for the environment.  We accept that environmental protection and sustainable resource use are generally compatible. For more information about the AEF visit www.aefweb.info

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