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Wind Farm Opposition Growing

01, November 2010


A well attended meeting yesterday in the small farming community of Tooborac in central Victoria voiced unanimous opposition to a proposal announced last week by construction giant Transfield to construct a large wind farm in the district.

“110 people from the local community turned up to learn more about whether this proposal would benefit their community or affect their family’s lifestyle and unanimously voted no after hearing evidence the only real beneficiaries were wind farm operators” said Max Rheese from the Australian Environment Foundation, who was one of the speakers at the meeting.

Community opposition to the proposals mirrored that of Daylesford residents at a protest rally several weeks ago at the launch of a new wind farm there.

The Tooborac meeting, organised by the local Granite Boulders Landscape Guardians, heard from residents who had been forced from their farms at the existing Waubra wind farm in western Victoria due to ill-health caused by low frequency noise from wind turbines.

Study results presented to the meeting showing the erratic, unreliable and costly operation of wind farms in Victoria confirmed community disquiet at the proposal announced last week.

“The two hour meeting covered many issues associated with wind farms such as ill-health from people living within two kilometres of wind turbines, production of electricity two to three times the cost of current generation and insignificant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions” said Mr Rheese.

“The meeting struggled to find any positive benefits from the proposal other than payments to landholders agreeing to turbines on their properties.  One farming family has already cancelled agreement to allow turbines on their property.

“The Brumby government needs to call a moratorium on wind farm approvals until an independent review is undertaken to determine whether alleged benefits of wind power outweigh the financial and community costs” concluded Mr Rheese.

Another planned community protest meeting at Penshurst near Hamilton on November 13th was announced today over proposals for a 200 turbine wind farm in that district.

- ENDS -
The Great Renewable Energy Rort article provides links to study results conveyed to the meeting. 

Contact: AEF Executive Director Max Rheese 0428 621320

The Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) is a not-for-profit, membership-based environment organisation having no political affiliation.  We accept that environmental protection and sustainable resource use are generally compatible. For more information about the AEF visit www.aefweb.info

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