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Lazy Health Department must act on wind farm noise

14, June 2012

The Victorian Chief Health Officer must immediately initiate a Health Impact Assessment of affected residents following the completion of an independent peer-reviewed acousticians report demonstrating the Waubra wind farm is not compliant with government noise guidelines said the Australian Environment Foundation.

“What many have been saying about the noise effects of wind farms for years is today revealed as truth” said AEF executive director Max Rheese.

Acoustician Dr Bob Thorne who prepared the report pro-bono for Waubra and Cape Bridgewater residents yesterday handed a report to independent senator John Madigan and a copy was presented to Planning Minister Matthew Guy.  The report says the Waubra wind farm is not complying with noise guidelines that are used to safeguard the health of nearby residents.

“This report makes a mockery of the claims residents were imagining adverse health impacts.  Wind farms that do not comply with noise guidelines implemented by the previous government must be shut down as promised by Minister Guy.

“The Australian Environment Foundation and the Pyrenees Shire have previously written to the Chief Health Officer Dr Rosemary Lester requesting that a Health Impact Assessment on affected residents be initiated as required under the Public Health Act, but she has refused in writing saying it would not ‘add anything to this process’” said Mr Rheese.

“The department of Health has comprehensively failed to act to protect the health and well-being of rural residents.

“In light of this latest evidence we ask: what will it take for the Chief Health Officer and the Minister for Health to act?

“Dr Lester has a moral and statutory obligation to the people of Victoria and she must recommend to the Minister for Health that a Health Impact Assessment is undertaken without delay to determine the extent of adverse impacts on residents” said Mr Rheese.


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