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Carbon Tax Hoax begins

02, July 2012

The most expensive and useless public policy since Federation, the carbon tax, has now been imposed on all Australians in the name of saving the environment said the Australian Environment Foundation today.

“If the Gillard government was fair dinkum about reducing emissions of carbon dioxide to tackle ‘the greatest moral challenge of our time’ they would immediately cancel coal export licenses and engage the Australian people in an informed dialogue about nuclear energy” said AEF executive director Max Rheese.

“If the government truly believes dangerous global warming is as real a threat as they proclaim, they should act decisively with the most effective actions available, which is certainly not the carbon tax hoax.

“The hypocrisy of imposing an expensive and clumsy hoax tax while not even discussing the option of nuclear energy is breathtaking, as is banning the Clean Energy Fund from even researching Carbon Capture and Storage.

“Globally 97 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions are natural, while 3 per cent are due to human activities.  Reducing Australia’s 1.5 per cent contribution to the global 3 per cent emissions by 5 per cent over ten years will not reduce temperature one thousandth of one degree!

The Australian Environment Foundation supports the benefits for Australians and developing countries derived from coal while acknowledging every effort must be made to lessen environmental impacts of all energy production.

The Foundation has also always supported the need for an informed dialogue on the costs and benefits of nuclear energy given the almost zero emissions energy produced.

“The government has had five years to canvass options to better deal with this issue, but of course no other option provided the scale of wealth redistribution the carbon tax offers.

“The government should stop pretending this is about the environment and putting ‘a price on carbon’, as it is nothing more than a new tax and wealth distribution scheme.

“Instead of producing an environmental benefit as originally claimed, the carbon tax hoax will only produce a large bureaucracy whose output will be measured by job losses in industry and higher electricity prices” said Mr Rheese.

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