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Climate Commission not fair dinkum

21, August 2012

The Climate Commission report released today is another example of the Commission not being fair dinkum about the supposed catastrophic effects of man-made global warming said the Australian Environment Foundation.

The report highlights that demand for coal is the driver in increased emissions, but fails to recommend decisive action to curb coal exports.

The report notes the substantial and growing use of nuclear energy by other countries, but fails to recommend the Australian government consider this emission free energy.

The report acknowledges hydro power is a significant renewable energy generation internationally, but does not recommend any upgrading of Australian hydro capacity.

“Given the Commissioners are convinced of the threats of potentially catastrophic global warming from man-made emissions, the Australian people could expect they would take every opportunity to recommend the most substantial measures be taken to reduce emissions” said Max Rheese, executive director of the Australian Environment Foundation.

“Commissioner Flannery was quoted at the release of the last report as saying ‘solar and wind are increasingly seen as a centrepiece of the nation’s energy mix’, whereas last week former Greenpeace co-founder, Dr Patrick Moore described the ‘vision of a world run on wind and solar energy is a green dream that is actually a green fantasy that is rapidly turning into a green nightmare’”.

“The Commission and the government are tinkering around the edges while pointing to disastrous ‘tipping points’. They are not being fair dinkum with the Australian people by ignoring proven technologies for reducing emissions while promoting marginal solutions.

“We call on the Commissioners to show the strength of their convictions by advancing plausible solutions for their future climate scenario, which is still supported only by computer modelled projections.

“If the Climate Commissioner’s conclusions on the causes of climate change are to be accepted, let them earn their keep by recommending real action instead of perpetrating the on-going fraud of marginal solutions as the centrepiece of the nation’s energy mix” said Mr Rheese.

Climate Commission Report


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