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18, September 2013

The independent Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) will release its Summary for Policymakers of the physical science of climate change in Chicago tomorrow confirming global temperature is rising at half the rate previously thought by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Leaked reports from the draft IPCC Fifth Assessment Report due for release on September 27th also make the embarrassing concession that the world has been warming since 1951 at only 0.12C per decade, contrary to computer climate model predictions.

“Most notably, we found the IPCC has exaggerated the amount of warming likely to occur if the concentration of atmospheric CO2 were to double, and such warming as occurs is likely to be modest and cause no net harm to the global environment or to human wellbeing” said the former head of the National Climate Centre and chapter author, William Kininmonth.

The NIPCC report was written prior to publication of leaked reports from the upcoming IPCC report.

The authors of the NIPCC report conclude from its extensive review of the scientific evidence that any human global climate signal is likely to be so small as to be embedded within the background variability of the natural climate system and is not dangerous. 

Neither the rate nor the magnitude of the reported late twentieth century surface warming (1979–2000) lay outside normal natural variability.  Global temperature change is occurring, as it always naturally does.

“Earth has not warmed significantly for the past 16 years despite an 8 per cent increase in atmospheric CO2, which represents 34 per cent of all extra CO2 added to the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution. This temperature pause needs explanation.

“In view of empirical data and the inability of the IPCC process to provide reliable predictions or conclusions regarding climate change over its 25 year existence, it is time this expensive bureaucracy was disbanded” said Mr Kininmonth.

                                                                                   - ENDS -
Information about the NIPCC and its Summary for Policymakers is available at http://aefweb.info/data/NIPCC%20SPM%20Published%20Version%20Sept%20%2012.pdf 

The Australian Environment Foundation is a not-for-profit, membership-based environment organisation having no political affiliation.  AEF takes an evidence-based, solution focused approach to environmental issues.

The AEF embraces the IUCN (World Conservation Union) sustainable use principles as providing an ethical balanced framework for many environmental challenges.

We accept that environmental protection and sustainable resource use are generally compatible.

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