How To Play Craps at a Casino

One thing to keep in mind, playing the game of craps off and online does have pretty much the same odds concerning the house, but the online does have a decided advantage. The house edge for the online version is about 3 times the normal amount, whereas the offline (brick and mortar) has more like ten times the original odds. Yeah, the online version does have better odds. With that in mind, we are going to talk about some helpful tips for strategizing and possibly winning with online craps. Those tips go a little something like this.

1) The Pass Line Bet

The online house betting edge is only about 1.40% or thereabouts. That is why a pass line bet is one of the better options players have. It is best to use this option during the come-out roll bit. You can easily win the bet if the dice rolls either a 7, 11 or both. It is up to you what you decide to do, but this is one of the better choices players have with the game of craps.

2) The Play Come Bet

This is another strategy where you need the house margin to be about 1.40% or thereabouts. The first tip definitely has this rule in spades, and so does our second tip. The play come bet is one that you need to take advantage of when you can. The idea is to only play this bet when you have made your point clear. This is another play that you can win if the dice rolls a 7. 11 or both. This is a very easy strategy to play (much like the first one) as long as you know what you are doing.

3) What About The Don’t Pass or Come Bets?

Those are good to use too, and here is what you need to know. You should only use these two bets (much like the first two) if the house edge is 1.40% or less. Please do not attempt it otherwise. Players will often avoid these two strategies, and we cannot understand why. They should be used because they offer the highest odds. One thing to mention is that these two will be the opposite of the come bet strategy. 

4) Combining Bets For A Very Low House Edge

Did you know you can combine two come bets along with a wager through the pass line? Well, you can. Not too many players do it though. What you do is begin with the pass line wager you want to make. Next, you take two come bets and add them in. You do this to cover three numbers. It should work for you. Those who have any issues with this strategy can go online and do a Google search.

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5) The Odd Bets Out

Did you know there is something useful to be the odd man out (or in this case, the odd bet out)? This option requires working with no house edge. You heard us. No house edge. That means it is one of the more popular choices a player can make. The only thing is (like the above tip) you should only make this move after you have made your point. The other great thing to mention involves the other tips mentioned thus far. You can use this strategy along with the rest of the tips. This is going to lower the house edge significantly. This is a tip every player should know. Some players know about this strategy and do not use it. Use it if you can.

6) The big 6 And Eight

You will stay away from these two if you know what is good for you, and we will explain why. This is going to increase the house edge to more than 9%. Yeah, that is bad. To be honest, many casinos do not allow players to use this strategy anymore. This is the worst bet you can make for even-money. You might come across this option at some point. Please do not use it. You will thank us later.

7) Number Seven

The reason you want to stay away from number seven is that it has the highest house margin on the list. The house margin is going to increase to about 16% or higher. Players who do win something from this bet will only get a 4 to 1 ratio win. We are warning you ahead of time.

Some Other Tips For Winning At Online Craps

1) Try to manage your bank account the best you can. We know you have heard this before, but it is true (especially with craps). Too many players have lost their shirts due to not setting their money limits. You will not make the loss up later, so do not even bother.

2) Most players should stick to the low-risk bets. The only time we argue against this is when the player has a thing for winning and risking big (and even then, it is hit or miss).

3) Be prepared to lose more games than you win. We are saying this to save you some disappointment later. Be grateful when you do win, but do not let it go to your head. The moment you start to develop an ego is the moment you begin your losing streak. This is one online game where you do have to keep your wits about you.