The Team

the team fist bump - The TeamWe are a group of people who are extremely passionate about Asian board games, specifically, Asian dice games. We aim to learn everything about this subject so that we can share a substantial amount of knowledge to our valued guests who may share the same interests as us.

The people of our organization value commitment and passion above all else. They are hardworking, intelligent, and deeply creative. We do not just accomplish the tasks that are designated to us because it is our duty; rather, we do these things because we love doing it.

Our leaders are supportive individuals who thoroughly understand the culture of our organization. They are knowledgeable about their tasks. They are also open to hearing the feedback from their subordinates which is why we are also open to hearing from you.

They prioritize a communicative environment that promotes growth and sustainability. They know that an organization will not succeed if the people in it are not happy about their jobs. On the other hand, the staff gives their best in everything.

They do not just blindly follow orders; instead, they take lessons to heart so that they have a better understanding of their positions in the organization. This online magazine cannot succeed without the people contributing their very best to ensure that the content we post is valuable.

The team will not be satisfied with just an average position in the market. We will keep improving, growing, and changing as long as needed. To learn more about our passions, you may read about our story.