Liar’s Dice – How to Play

Liar’s Dice is a game that is played by two or more people. The game involves deceiving an opponent and the ability to detect your opponent’s deception. The game has various names depends on locality. Its origin can be traced to South America. The game is sometimes called deception, pirate’s dice. If you have watched the Pirates of the Caribbean, you have been watched the game.

The game has two common types of play, single-hand game, and common hand game. In a single hand, each player has his dice, and all players should roll once. It also involves bids, and the bids rare common to dice every player can see. In common hand, a set of dice is one, and it is passed from one player to another. The common hand involves two players.


In every game you will be playing, you will have to understand the rules of the game. Unless you know the rules, you will be playing a losing game. Rules of Liar’s Dice are quite simple to understand. Each player is expected to have five dices and one cup of dice. It is good to play with at least three players for the game to be interesting.

At the start of the game, each player should roll his dice after a challenge is complete. When your dice lands on another, you are expected to roll again. However, it is not a must you immediately look at your dice. Since this is a bidding game, you can bid on all the dice, but only on the table.

There is a feature of the game known as the challenge. You can challenge only during your turn, and you have to challenge the bid given by the preceding player. However, the next step offers this rule a variant exception. You have to raise your cup to begin a challenge. A challenged bidder wins when the bid is less or equal to the dice’s number of similar face value.

If the opposite happens, then the challenger wins. In the Liar’s Dice, there is nothing like tiers. However, there can be a set of elimination round if the remaining players are decreased to 1 die per player. A player should bid on the face to vale number. However, during the elimination round, that rule is not followed. Each player is expected to roll.

dice in row - Liar’s Dice - How to Play


The understanding strategy of any game is the start of your playing success. If you don’t know the strategy, you will have a hard playing. The essential strategy of this game is understanding how to lie. Beginners face a difficult time as it takes time to know how to lie. Another one is the ability to detect your opponent is deceiving.

If you understand the two strategies, you are good to play the game. Now, how do you understand and master the strategy of the game? Sometimes the number of players may determine. Let’s go through the basic elements of strategies that will help you in the game.

If you are playing against an experienced player, you might find the game hard for you. This means understanding the strategy before playing is very vital. In most cases, logic will interfere with the game. For a beginner, what the opponent says might be truthful, it is opposite in the game. Someone deceiving you cannot be telling the truth. You have to throw the logic away as this is a game of deception.

This is a game of chance, and therefore, the probability is highly essential. Expected quantity is one of the game’s key elements – the quantity of face value with the highest probability. Sometimes the wilds can be used. In this case, the probable quantity is doubled. The players in this situation expect many aces.

One variant’s game will allow a player to pass his bid once in around. Each of the dice involves different face value as per the pass (unlikely until you have lost little rounds). This can make your stay in the game for a long time, making it beneficial. A pass can be made by more than one player. However, when the game involves three players, only two players can pass. The last player can make a challenge.

You have to understand the bids well. Bids will be determined by the players involved. If you make a high bid, it might not necessarily be incorrect. The reason is that bids integrate the information known by the players. If a player has several dice that have a single value, the player can make a bid. Each bid will provide others in the table about the information.


The Liar’s Dice game is very interesting to play. However, you have to understand the game well and know how to deceive your opponent. Unlike other games, Liar’s Dice can be played at home. Key things to understand are the bids, challenge, and face value.