Online Casino Dice Games

The online casino dice games offering has flourished across the globe. At the top of the list is the game of Craps. This is one of the most well-known games for online casino and land-based casino’s that is a dice a game. The play of Craps can get more complex depending on how you are wagering, the rules, and the strategy. The most common craps mode is when the player bets his/her amount of chips and then the next step is to choose a pass line they want to place a bet on. The dice are then rolled and the numbers drawn are shown. If the dice rolled to make a seven and eleven the bet will win with a payout of one to one. If the player rolls a two, three, and twelve then the bet is lost. There are many variations of online crap games with different rule sets and different strategies of play.

There are terms to get familiar with when playing Craps. The “come out roll” as it sounds is the first roll of the dice. Then there is “Odds Bets” this bet is made when odds are displayed on the pass line. A more common bet is called “Wrong Bet” this is a bet that is placed on the dice roller, also known as “the shooter”. A “Right Bet” is the term used for bets placed on a pass line. These are a few of the terms but other games may have different terms applied. Jackpot City is one of the top online casino’s that you can enjoy a great game of Craps at.

The second popular dice online casino game is Sic Bo. This game does not take any real strategy it is a game of chance per say but very fun. The game originated with the Chinese and is played with three dice. There are two forms of play online. There is the game that you play against the computer which is a random number generator, the other is live. This is in the online casino’s that have live dealers that roll the dice and live players that you play against. The new player needs to understand the payout line’s once this is accomplished then the betting is on. The payout scale is one to one for one dice that comes up with the number you chose, two to one for two dice, and three to one for three dice. The player can do single number bets which is one of the most popular bets. There are combinations of bets that can be placed the payout for these are higher. The odds are not in a person’s favour but getting a higher payout makes this the second most popular to do. The idea is that you are betting on that two specific numbers will appear on the three dice thrown. The total bets option is when a player is betting the total of what will show up on the dice for example when the roll is done and three fives show up. That equals fifteen and if this happens the player wins.

The other option in the game which is like the popular game Roulette is the small and big bets. The payouts are the same one to one for small bets and big bets. The small bets are used when you are thinking the dice will come to four to one. The big bets are when you are thinking the roll will be from eleven to seventeen. This is all a game of chance but a very fun option to play at online casino’s.

There is a newer variant dice game to Craps that is being offered to play in online casino’s. It is known as Snake Eyes it is a form of Craps but easier to understand and play than the original Craps game. This one does not seem to be as popular as regular Craps and that is because the winning odds do not seem to pay out as much. In this game, you can do a “hard way” bet that means that both dice need to land on the same number an example would be the hard eight the dice would need to end up as four and four. The “easy way” bet is where the dice will land on different numbers. The payout on rolling snake eyes is a bit better up from the thirty to thirty-two.

The last one on the list is a dice game that is most likely going to be found in the Arcade listing on the online casino is Roller Coaster Dice. If the online casino offers games from Playtech you may find this one. There are many online casino’s that use Playtech software. This game is played by guessing that the number is going to be higher or lower on the dice that are rolled. If you guess correctly then you will move up the cash ladder. There are points along that you can either keep making predictions to earn more money or take your winnings so far. It is a multi-task game and you can bet either low or high depending on how you are feeling as a player. The drawback is if you guess incorrectly then the game is over and you lose.

The conclusion is that most dice games you will find at online casino’s and land-based ones will be a variant of Craps. It has long been played in alleyways as well as brick and mortar casinos. The other type will be more of a guessing game, not one you will have to rely so much on skill and strategy. Whichever one you pick is still going to give you that rush when playing and the rush of winning.